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About GraphQL

GraphQL is a modern way to build HTTP APIs consumed by the web and mobile clients. It is intended to be an alternative to REST and SOAP APIs (even for existing applications).

GraphQL itself is a specification designed by Facebook engineers. Various implementations of this specification were written in different languages and environments.

Great overview of GraphQL features and benefits is presented on the official website. All of them equally apply to this PHP implementation.

About graphql-php

graphql-php is a feature-complete implementation of GraphQL specification in PHP. It was originally inspired by reference JavaScript implementation published by Facebook.

This library is a thin wrapper around your existing data layer and business logic. It doesn't dictate how these layers are implemented or which storage engines are used. Instead, it provides tools for creating rich API for your existing app.

Library features include:

Also, several complementary tools are available which provide integrations with existing PHP frameworks, add support for Relay, etc.

Current Status

The first version of this library (v0.1) was released on August 10th 2015.

The current version supports all features described by GraphQL specification as well as some experimental features like schema definition language and schema printer.

Ready for real-world usage.


Project source code is hosted on GitHub.